Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just When You Thought We Were Weird

We got weirder.

There are now 8 baby chicks living in our music room.
My original vision for the music room was a formal parlor where the pillows were always placed just-so, where fresh flower arrangements graced the coffee table,
where visitors would sit on well-upholstered sofas and sip tea.

But there's actually no sofa in that room  
and we don't drink tea anyway, 
so since the image is already blown,
we may as well blow it big time by adding a little farmyard to the parlor.

Here, Cholita is holding her chick, Mrs. Howell.
Poor Mrs. Howell.  She was carried around in a pocket much of the day yesterday.
Mrs. Howell, and her friend, Ginger (my chick) are Buff Orpingtons.
Among the other ladies (we hope they're ladies) are 3 Black Australorps
and three Silverlace Wyandottes.

Cholita is currently serenading them with her ukulele.
Nothing but high society here in our parlor. 


val said...

Kids having fun beats "formal parlors" any day!

val said...

& no, I don't think you're weird!

Ashley said...

Chicks... not weird. I had a co-worker return home from a work trip to Portland only to discover that her husband had acquired a sow and two baby pigs while she was gone... that was weird.

Kim said...

Love it!!!

Amy said...

Cholita looks positively blissful! Those smiles totally trump tea and parlor music! :)

Jen Bay said...

I think you get the Best Mom EVER award.

Kelly said...

Awesome Eileen! What did you name the other two? There's got to be a MaryAnn in there...

Tammy said...

My kids are jealous!

Tammy said...

These aren't chicks for future BBQ's, I hope. Mrs. Howell would probably frown on the idea.

Eileen said...

They don't all have names, and frankly, I'm doubting they can tell one silverlaced wyandotte from the next, but the one's I've heard are:

Mrs. Howell, Annie, Clarkson, Gabby, and Chicken (XiXi's original that way).

No Maryanne! And actually, the chick that I named Ginger, has been claimed by Bruder and re-named Clarkson!