Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worth It

It was a last minute splurge. Every last cent marked for "entertainment" for the next several months has now been spent, but I'd do it again. As a matter of fact, I have. Three times. But I ask you, how often does Wicked come to Seattle? Not often.

I'd already purchased tickets for the October 2nd show for Lyle, Bruder and Rose. Lucy and I saw it the last time the touring company came to Seattle, and since Lyle had seen it only once (on a Valentine's Trip to LA) and I'd seen it twice, I would let him take the newbies. It was a sacrifice. But then Bruder announced an over-night cross country meet to Yakima on the same night. He was thoroughly disappointed and so I tried to exchange their tickets for another day. No can do.

Fate forced my hand. I purchased an additional two tickets for Tuesday night for a mom and Bruder date and Lucy danced a happy dance that she'd get to go for Wicked Night #2. With a last minute purchase, I was so thrilled just to get two seats together that I didn't even look to see if we were in the nose bleed section. Last night after our delicious dinner at the Metropolitan Grill, Bruder and I entered the Paramount and checked and rechecked our tickets to make sure we were reading them right. Main floor, FIFTH ROW CENTER! With short people in front of us! It couldn't have been more magical.

But I can't say too much about it. A certain Cholita Sue is not pleased that now everyone is going except for her. So this weekend while Bruder snuggles into his bed at the Red Lion in Yakima and the rest of the family defies gravity, I've promised Cholita a showing of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". You'd think a four-year-old would find it a suitable alternative, but Cholita knows when she's getting the short end of the stick. The munchkin end. At least I can be assured that at either venue, red shoes will play prominently.


Kelly said...

You are so dang lucky! I just saw it for my first time last August (or was it July?) Anyways I am still singing the songs in my head.

Jen Bay said...

Wicked is alwasy always worth it!