Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I can hear a pin drop

The absolute quiet that has enveloped the house is so satisfying that I shouldn't ruin it with the clickity clack of the keyboard. I thoroughly enjoyed summer, but I'm drinking in the peace that comes with sending my kids off on their first day of school.

How adorable did my little Rose look this morning? She's attending a new school and although it's a public school, they wear uniforms, which I love. For the picture she looked ready to conquer the world, but when I dropped her off in her class she was quite clingy and teary-eyed. I've said many a prayer for her today that she meets wonderful friends, loves her teacher, and doesn't tell herself stories during recess, which she's apt to do. I love that girl.

Cholita would most likely find uniforms too restrictive for her particular tastes. Do you notice her footwear? Don't you think it's lacking in pizazz and color? Well, Cholita would certainly agree. She's LOST her red shoes! I know! I should put out posters. I have no idea how that could have happened since she keeps them with her pretty much 24/7, but tragedy has struck and it's rocked her world. Thankfully, despite the brown shoes, she was full of her red shoe personality this morning for her second year of preschool.

Lucy, our junior high schooler, is in another school district and started last week. Yes, she does live on the third floor while the rest of us reside on the second, but it's for reasons other than location that she's complicated my life by attending another district. I failed in my motherly duties and forgot to pull out the camera, but she trust me, she looked lovely.

Bruder's early morning seminary doesn't start until tomorrow, so he left for school at the same time as his littlest sisters. He's a sophomore and attending high school, giving me a grand total of four schools and two different districts to keep track of. Obviously in the placement of my children there was some poor planning on my part. But now that I look at these pictures, I miss them and am ready for a little noise.


Kelly said...

If you want some noise put on some old 80's classics and dance around in a T-shirt and underwear Tom Cruise style.

Shirley said...

I hope Rose had a great day!

Jen Bay said...

They look great. Adam actually looks happy and willing to take the picture... how nice... We were at the movies the other night and the kids were looking at a upcoming movie poster and they all were convinced that Adam was in this upcoming movie. The kid in the poster does bare a striking resemblance to Adam... It's that "Aliens in the Attic" movie... go look for the movie poster...