Friday, January 9, 2009

He Ain't Heavy; He's My Bruder

Adam was the first to see her in person, through the lens of the video camera. He'd gone down the hall at the Lottery Hotel and found the room where the babies were waiting. He got her on film (click the link to see it) and ran back to tell us--in a voice that was still high and squeaky--
"I saw her! I saw Qiu Ju!"

They adored each other from the very first moment, like they'd always been together.

Adam treated her with such patience and love, giving me a glimpse of the type of Dad he'll be someday.

And at the mall when Maya turned heads with her Chinese squeaky shoes, Adam tried to look cool despite the persistent SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK going on next to him. But he didn't let go of her hand.

Maya works very hard to keep up with him and Adam is good about waiting for her. I love when he comes home from school and shouts, "Hi ya' Maya Moogin!" And she shouts back, "Hi ya' Adam Moogin!"

But last night was a moment that rivals them all. It was a moment when I so wished I'd had a camera. Adam was wrestling (hence the lack of camera---Adam has banned them from meets) and he was doing fantastic. He had his opponent in the cradle (learning the lingo) and was straining every muscle. Maya was saying, "Adam! Adam! Adam!" It was a cross between a cheer and a whimper. The first round ended with Adam ahead in points. Adam fought and fought during the second round, but you could tell he was tiring. There was grunting and struggling and good moves by both sides, but ultimately Adam lost.

At this point I realized I'd had the arm of the man next to me in a death grip. I was smoothing his crumpled sleeve when Maya in her purple skirt/shirt combo and red Mary Janes jumped off my lap and ran for the mat. Adam's teammates were lined up, giving him high fives as he walked tiredly down the line. Maya positioned herself at the end and stuck her hand up. I debated running down to get her; I didn't want him embarrassed. Adam didn't see her right away (she's only in the 30 pound weight class), but Maya pushed past the wrestlers, calling his name. He smiled and gave her not only a high five, but a hug.

Earning him major points in my book.


rachel said...

WOW- That is one amazing bond they share.

Nikki said...

I was wondering why the camera wasn't present last night! That was an incredibly sweet moment. I loved seeing it, too. There's nothing better than a loving big brother! :)

Diane said...

I think I'm alergic to your blog, because everytime I read your posts lately my eyes start to water!

Beautiful as usual.

Kelly said...

That video makes me bawl every time! Thanks for posting this Eileen. What a nice big brother.

Lisa Cairney said...

Eileen...posts like this one are why you blog....loved it...what a great brother...and a loving sister...

Amy said...

Oh Eileen, what a BEAUTIFUL video and a BEAUTIFUL bond. Thank you so much for sharing...Love, Amy