Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Feel Wicked!

On Valentine's Day, Lyle and I had our "Wicked" getaway! Here is Lyle arriving at the L.A. airport. This sign greeted us right when we walked off the plane. Obviously we're in the right city!

We got to our hotel, had just enough time to change, and then we got a ride out to Hollywood. I'm glad we hadn't cut it any closer because the drive there took a good hour, although it was only about 12 miles away! It was so fun to see flowers blooming and oranges growing on the trees! This winter has seemed so long and we can't wait for spring!

We had a wonderful (and QUIET!) dinner and then walked to the theater. The whole walk there was on the sidewalk where entertainment figures have their "stars". There are an amazing number of them!

Our seats were on the 4th row and it was so neat to be that close. The woman playing Glinda, Megan Hilty, was the same actress I saw playing that role with the touring company in Seattle. I thought she was great the first time, but close-up, I thought she was fantastic. She really steals the show. The Elphaba character was played my Caissie Levy, who is new to the LA company. I thought she was great too, but I preferred Shoshanna Bean, who I saw in Seattle. This was the first time Lyle had seen the play and he loved it. The whole trip was very short, but so perfectly fun. Thank you to the Towers and Haws for watching our kids! And a HUGE thank you to Lyle who has earned major brownie points in my book!

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