Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve at the Beck house always starts with the big Subway sandwich. This was a tradition started in Lyle's family and I'm very happy to adopt any tradition that involves little to no meal preparation on my part. Obviously Adam is feeling good about his sandwich.

I wish I could say that this show of sisterly love presents an accurate picture of Abby and Maya's overall Christmas Eve demeanor. They really weren't in great spirits. We repeatedly reminded them that if they were going to be good only one day of the year, it certainly should be Christmas Eve! I think the excitement was a little much for them!

After the sandwich and our knock-and-run Secret Santa trip, we did the nativity. This year Maya was our representative shepherd.

Adam was our wise man, or wise guy, whichever the case may be.

Abby campaigns hard to be Mary every year. Madeline doesn't look very pleased to play the role of the donkey.

But her theatrical leanings shine through as the angel bringing good tidings of great joy.

After the nativity, the kids opened their Christmas Eve jammies. Here Maya is signing monkey in her monkey p.j.'s.

Madeline and Abby both had frog-themed jammies, hence Madeline's frog pose. Poor Abby's jammie bottoms were ridiculously huge. I honestly don't know what 6 year-old could possibly have a waist that would fit these pajamas. We gathered the back into a clip that kept her pants up for pictures.

And finally, the traditional Christmas Eve jammie pyramid! I think this year's was particularly good. Then it was off to bed for the 3 big kids on the third floor and Maya in her bedroom. Madeline begged to let Maya join them for the sleepover, but after a day of grouchiness on her part, there was no way we were risking her losing any sleep! I'm glad that we held our ground, because at that point we didn't even know we'd be seeing Maya at our bedside at 4:30 AM!

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