Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bah Humbug

No, "bah humbug" does not reflect our Christmas attitude. The kids just finished up a 12 show run of "Scrooge". They both did such a great job and we were so proud of them. In this photo, they are in the "green room" before going onstage. These were their "street kid" costumes.
The director asked the men to keep their hair rather long for the play to help them look more period-correct. Adam hates getting haircuts, so he was thrilled. The play is now over, so as soon as we have the time, he's getting it buzzed off!

It's really pretty miraculous that the play happened at all. Only a week before opening night, the director shared the unfortunate news that the main character had been incarcerated. An emergency meeting of the theater board was called to see if funds could be gathered to bail Scrooge out. Seriously. As Lyle stated, with drama like this in real-life, who needs the theater?
Anyway, Scrooge could not be sprung from the slammer. Thankfully the director found a man from Tacoma who had played the role before, although it had been years. The poor man only had 3 practices with the cast before opening night. He did an amazing job, as did the rest of the cast. Madeline said that on opening night, in a group scene near the end of the play where Scooge is mingling with the cast and presumably saying something like, "Merry Christmas," that he was actually saying, "Help me! I don't know what to say next!"

The costume person did a great job. I'm amazed at all of the work that she put in. It was quite a large cast and most had more than one costume. They even provided many with shoes! This is Madeline in her party scene outfit.

And here is Adam in his party-scene outfit. The tuxedo pants make him look very grown-up!

The costume that most impressed Maya was worn by the ghost of Christmas present. His costume was a long green velvety robe trimmed in white fur. Maya (who always appreciates a good robe), told him, "WOW! I yike dat fancy wobe!" Thankfully she'd kept her apparrel items straight and didn't compliment the Ghost of Christmas Present on his nice "ba"! (see December 19th post!)

A cute picture of Adam and Madeline together at one of the dress rehearsals.

Proof that Adam does in fact sing.

When the new Scrooge joined the cast, Madeline said she didn't have to "act" scared of him, she WAS scared of him! He really gave the little kids some mean looks. I think Madeline's expression in this photo shows legitimate fear!

In this scene, Madeline is leading a group of Christmas carolers, but then is startled by grumpy old Scrooge.

Adam's big scene came near the end of the play. Scrooge has just woken up and runs out to the street and asks Adam what day it is. "It's Christmas day of course!"

Scrooge wants him to go buy the turkey that's hanging in the butcher shop window. Not the big one, the ENORMOUS one! Adam says, "The one as big as me?"

He'll get half a crown if he hurries!

Madeline helps Scrooge deliver the turkey to the Cratchitt family. This was at a dress rehearsal. You can see poor Scrooge (Santa) with his script.

Adam with some of the other teenagers

Madeline with friends from the show. Would you believe that Madeline is older than the girls on either side of her? She is!

Practicing bows!

I had to pull this out, just for comparison sake. Three years ago at Christmas Madeline was in her first C-Stock play. She was "Molly" the littlest orphan in Annie. She was missing her two front teeth and was so adorable. Sigh.

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