Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grandpa Kelley Visit

Grandpa Kelley came for a visit and met Qiu (and Abby!) for the first time. Maya didn't take too long to warm up to him and they had a great time. Abby told him, "At first I was nervous about meeting you, but now I love you." When Maya said "Grandpa" it came out kind of like "Dampa", but we know what she meant!

My dad bought the big kids remote-contolled helicopters, which they had a great time with. Here's Madeline proudly showing her helicopter right before take-off. I think the rest of the helicopter photos speak for themselves!

We spent a fun day at Fort Warden with my dad and the Haws family. Here are the Beck kids with 2/3 of the Haws kids.

Adam being a ham.

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