Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007

Not much to report, we're just having a lazy summer with way too much time on our hands to style Maya's hair. Maya is talking up a storm and makes us laugh everyday. Some of her recent quotes: "A bug flew in my ear!", "I fall out of bed, get hurt!", and "got milk up my NOSE!" Obviously the world is a dangerous place for a 23-month-old!

She frequently puts words together now and instead of just saying, for example, "Abby?", she'll now say, "Where Abby go?" When she wants us to hold her she'll say, "Want to see you." She's also gotten very good at opposites and when she sees me with wet hair in the morning she's quick to point out that her hair is dry. Other favorites are: cold/hot, dirty/clean, and up/down.
Maya's current hands-down favorite book is the classic "Goodnight Moon", but she also really enjoys Mother Goose. She does get mad when I read her "Little Miss Muffet" though and corrects me that Miss Muffet is NOT eating curds and whey, she's eating ice cream! I've found it's pointless to argue with an almost 2 year-old, so...."Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her... ice cream. Along came a spider...."

Our trumpet vine is doing spectacularly well and I think next year the vines will connect on the top. The star jasmine vines aren't really growing very well, but they smell fabulous, so we'll keep them.

More trumpet vine.

O.K., really this is the last one. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many plants have met their demise in the Beck yard, so when something works, well, it's worth a photo or two... or three!

The "wave" petunias really do live up to their hype! I can't believe how much these have spread.

It's nice to have a sweet brother to swing with you after you've woken up too early from a nap!
This week we've had some interesting news from China. A researcher and adoptive father to 3 girls from China is in the Guangxi province right now and he's been doing interviewing, video taping, and research in Maya's hometown of Guiping. He actually interviewed the Guiping police chief about the abandoned babies. We'll be hearing more soon.

We're enjoying our last few weeks of summer and the kids start back at school on September 5th. Maya will be SO LONELY!

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