Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adoption Number 2!

Adoption #2 of the same kid that is! Today we went to the Juvenile Court to re-adopt Miss Qiu Ju. Since the adoption was finalized in China, the only real purpose of doing this was to get a U.S. birth certificate.

We answered questions like, "Did you or did you not begin adoption proceedings in the year 2005? Was your adoption in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China? Is it still your intention to adopt this girl? To the best of your knowledge, is she an American Indian?" Ummm, Yes, Yes, Yes, No--pretty sure she's not an American Indian! My favorite question was, "Dr. Beck, can you please state the date of your marriage?" Poor Lyle looked rather flustered and stammered, "Um, January... no...uh, July? Yep, July 31, 1992." The judge said, "That's pathetic. I just like to ask the dads that to see them squirm."

Maya may look sweet and innocent in this picture, but she really wasn't in the courtroom. She was intent on putting sunglasses on everyone in the family and climbing onto the bench. Abby told me she was scared that the judge would yell, "Quiet in the court!"
The judge asked Abby what she thought of her little sister and she said, "Great!"
So, for the second time, Maya Qiuju was proclaimed our daughter. The judge gave Maya a teddy bear and Abby a piece of chocolate, we took a few pictures, and that was that! If we didn't do the re-adopt, anytime in Maya's life when she'd be required to show a birth certificate, she'd have to pull out her abandonment papers, which seems a bit depressing. Of course, also if those papers were ever lost, we'd be in a world of hurt, trying to get in touch with someone in China. So, now we don't need to look at those orphan papers ever again. She'll have a U.S. birth certificate with us listed as her parents. Unfortunately, Adam and Madeline couldn't be here to share in her day, but I guess since they got to see the first adoption, there was no need to see the second!

With Daddy outside the courthouse. We made her promise that she'll never again need to make an appearance at Juvenile court!

I'll end with a quick Maya story! Last night Lyle was at the kitchen sink cutting up strawberries for dinner. Maya asked for one and Lyle plopped a berry in her mouth. Maya said thank you and Lyle, intent on his cutting, didn't say a word. Maya said louder, "THANK YOU!" and still Lyle was quiet. She said even louder, "THANK YOU!" and in true Dad-fashion, Lyle was oblivious. Finally Qiu said with great frustration, "Dad, say YOU'RE WELCOME!"

I think our days of teaching HER English are over. From here on out, she'll tell US what we need to say!

We love you Maya and are so proud to once again say with no reservation whatsoever (Indian or otherwise!) that we still want you to be our daughter!

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