Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007

I know this isn't the greatest photo, but I love it. I was looking out the kitchen window and saw Adam walking with Maya, holding her hand and talking to her. She was taking big steps, trying so hard to keep up with him. It was such a sweet moment, that I ran for the camera.

Adam, Madeline, and Abby add so much to her life, and of course, vice versa. Maya is always so excited everyday when Adam's school bus pulls up, or when she first spots Madeline or Abby after school. When she saw Madeline coming down the trail the other day she excitedly squealed, "My sissy!"

Abby teaches Maya many things--some things I'm not so thrilled about, but mostly it's a positive. Abby told me today, "Mom, Maya used to not jump in her crib very well at all, but I've taught her and now look at how high she gets!" She's also taught her to spin very fast, say "ow" when she's getting her hair combed, scream "Dad!" and run for the door when Lyle comes home, and other important things.

I can't say enough about what a blessing these older kids are to their little sister.

Today is Abby's last official day and tomorrow she has her Spring Festival. I can hardly believe she'll be in 1st grade in the fall! Maya and I will both miss her very much. Abby is a fiesty girl, but has a heart of gold. I really think it will be hard to keep Maya entertained, because that's what Abby does all morning!

We're not sure what school she'll be at next year, but I know she'll do well. She turns 6 on June 11th, something she's been waiting for since June 12th of last year. Seriously, nobody enjoys their birthdays quite as much as Abby! She's planning her first "friends party" and hopefully it will live up to her very high expectations!

Yes, it was with copious amounts of gel that we accomplished Maya's very first ponytail. She felt pretty stylish! It's supposed to get up to 90 degrees here today, so we thought the up-do was appropriate.

Oh, and a quick product endorsement--the bib Maya is wearing is the best thing that has happened to the Beck family in quite a while! It's by Baby Bjorn and the kangaroo pouch is awesome! When Maya is done with her meal, she keeps herself entertained by eating out of her pouch!

Maya, in her ponytail and very cute pink sunglasses, was being particularly charming today at the grocery story. She kept waving at shoppers, saying "hi", and "gasses". Thankfully because she was simultaneously pointing at her eyewear, people were not scared off by her "gasses" and came over to talk to her. One woman (and I've heard this a couple of times before), said, "Do you mind me asking...What is she?" Now, of course I know she meant nationality, which I told her, but I can't help but feel that's not the best way to ask!

Later, when we were in the checkout line, another woman was chatting with Maya and said to me, "Do you mind me asking......How did you get so lucky to be this little girl's Mommy?" I almost got choked up, it was such a sweet way to ask about Maya's story. It's definitely not always what you ask, but how you ask it!

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