Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Break 2007

What a gorgeous spring break we've had! Lyle and Adam are off in San Francisco this week having a blast but we've had a pretty great time at home as well. Today we headed out to an old favorite, Fay Bainbridge Park. This was Maya's fist time.

Our beach toy set unfortunately has only one shovel. Can you guess who's ticked off about scooping with the sifter?

There's Abby's pretty smile!

Maya definitely set some type of speed record on these slides! As you might imagine, trying to get a picture and trying to catch her couldn't simultaneously happen. Sorry Maya!

This picture does a good job of highlighting her uneven hair growth! The top grows, but not the sides. In this photo she looks like a man with a comb-over out in a windstorm!

I love this picture of all three girls.

Madeline and Abby love the tire swing. Maya most definitely does not! She's smiling in this photo because they hadn't spun yet. When they did, her little eyes kept darting side to side, like when the doctor has you follow the little flashlight, but turbo speed. Her head rolled around and she almost instantly turned a funny color. We got her off, put her down on the ground and she looked like a drunken sailor for a good 10 minutes.

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