Friday, January 3, 2014


Some lovely long-necked arrivals to our barnyard.
This is Sugar.
 Look past her stunning beauty and to-die-for eyelashes.
She's not just eye candy; she has a job to do.

She's watching, always watching.
If we've learned anything in the past 6 days of llama ownership it's this:
You cannot sneak up on a llama.
Will. Not. Happen.

Even sweet Satin, who seems less of the guarding mentality,

is on the lookout.
Nothing comes near their pasture without them taking notice.
Satin covers the Eastern front

and Sugar the Western.
Our chickens can rest easy.

1 comment:

C and M said...

Oh, my. They are SO cute! I've been wondering what you had decided about getting one and I'm so glad to see that you did!

We always love reading about your amazing family! You must be so proud of all your children. You and your wonderful husband are the kind of parents we hope to be someday.

Thank you for sharing your adventures!