Thursday, April 11, 2013

Barn Cat Number 2

Apparently there's no shortage of available cats in the world.  Barn cat number two was not difficult to find.  In fact, the ad claiming, "Fantastic Barn Cat!" pretty much found us and he was installed in the barn the very next day.

At first, El Guapo was unsure of the newcomer and the newcomer spent most of his time in hiding, but a week later, they now seem happy barnmates.

And as a barnmate to El Guapo, killer of rats (hopefully), we decided that this guy needed an equally villainous name.

Despite his sweetness, we've heard that this cat has a deep and abiding interest in rodent pain.  

As a matter of fact, he's presently writing the definitive work on the subject.

He's even been known to throw a rat or two in the pit of despair.  

He has the most dexterous tail I've ever seen.  
It's like the belly dancer of tails.

He adores people and purrs like an engine.

He's also very keen on staying fit and healthy.
The minute he joined our family, he insisted on seeing the vet.
"If you haven't got your health," he purred,
 "then you haven't got anything." 

He likes to sit in the window and look out at the great wide world,

which makes life difficult for Franklin.  Do I look at this cat?

Or this cat?  A cat in each window.  Oh, it's hard to decide.

And in other barnyard news, there's been a major leap forward in Lyle's concrete raised beds.  
The beds are finished and arbors, gates, and fencing come next.

Followed by the laying of over 2000 bricks for the pathways.

Do you think El Guapo will be of any assistance?  He seems a little lazy for the job.
It's now all in the capable paws of Count Rugen,
paws which may or may not be sporting an extra digit.

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Betsey said...

Oh!! I do hope I get to come see this project over many seasons. How fabulous. And your writing about the barn cats is too funny!