Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Injuries? Maybe. But it's tradition.

The Christmas Eve Jammie Pyramid!

Surprisingly, we've had very few injuries these many years.

But the 2012 pyramid seemed crooked from the start.

And we lost our top almost immediately,

leaving the tiny one in kitty pajamas in a precarious spot,

doomed to a squashing between two sisters.

Poor thing.

But in true Cholita fashion, she wiped her tears and quickly rallied.

And speaking of rallying......

Do you see the ancient labrador retriever watching the whole spectacle?
The cancer-ridden one who was supposed to be gone many months ago?

Well,  he's not only managed to witness his 13th jammie pyramid,
he's somehow thriving.
Climbing stairs again.
Gobbling tasty morsels.
Going on walks.
The vet has no words.

We all agree.
It's a Christmas miracle.


val said...

Merry Christmas to all!

Janelle Sweet said...

LOVE the Christmas pyramid and love you guys!