Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cutie Patootie Haircut

Cholita has gone through some hair challenges.  First of all, her hair grows strongly so strongly forward, a ponytail is nearly impossible.  Bobby pins are no match for it.  Gel laughs in its face.  You can style her hair to the side, but to the back?  No way, no how.

So we figured that of necessity, she'd have a lifetime of bangs.  And with her hair, you couldn't just do a wisp of bangs, oh no.  The whole top of her head feel forward and insisted on becoming part of the bang crowd.

Which was adorable, so it was all good.

Then she started cutting her own hair, which was not good.  

The bangs grew at lightening speed, much faster than the rest of her hair, which meant frequent trips to the salon to keep it out of her eyes.....or sometimes I picked up the scissors myself, with results similar to Cholita's.

So back in the beginning of the year, we began the long and somewhat messy process of growing out the bangs with the eventual goal being a cute little bob.

And as of this weekend....voila!  The cute little bob.

I love it from the back

and from the side.

And from every angle, we love this girl......even if her new style makes her look a tad too grown up!

And guess how much I paid for this cutie patootie look?

Well, except for a tip.
I took the three youngest to JC Penney's for their free kid's cuts in August,
and they all stepped out looking very chic.
What a bargain!


Michael and Denise said...

She looks very cute!

Jen Bay said...

Tres chic!

Tammy said...

We all love her new look! I agree that's it's cute from all angles.

Anonymous said...

Awe!!!! So fun to see pictures of Percy with Miss C. The hair is adorable. :-)

Mrs. Coleman