Saturday, July 7, 2012


Our birthday guy, Mr. XiXi!

As is typically the case at our house, the guest of honor was not on their best behavior on their big day.  
Too much excitement, too much sugar,
Too aware that their mother would most likely not put them in the Time Out chair on their birthday,
for goodness sake.

But he pulled it together for his requested dinner of spicy noodles with bok choy, garden strawberries, and stuffed mushrooms.  And of course he was an absolute angel come present time.

His littlest big sister bought him a PlayDough milkshake set,

Rose and Bruder went in together on a remote controlled car,
biggest big sister bought him a pirate set,
and Mom and Dad gifted him with a Hot Wheels garage.

His sisters decorated his peach cake with various cars and XiXi beamed for the birthday song.

Happy birthday sweet boy!  We love you to pieces!

(and tomorrow, if you repeatedly stick your dirty feet in your sister's face to make her scream, well, your free pass is over!)


Jen Bay said...

Very fun. Can't wait to see you guys!

val said...

Happy Birthday to Xixi........he is all boy!!!

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday, you adorable (and naughty!) boy :)