Monday, December 19, 2011

This is what I'm working with: Rose's Christmas List

Copied word for word
An interesting peek into the unique mind of our entertaining Rose

1. Kits (Hint: I love to smear, powderize, pour, ooze, creamerize, etc. with watery stuff.)
2. Make-up Kit (I can't have my OWN make-up, so I use face molds.)
3. A Chemistry Set (This, I hope, will cover the whole smear, pour......I won't continue.)
4. Art of Calligraphy (I've ALWAYS wanted to use ink and quill!)
5. A Nancy Drew Mystery Computer Game (The one I played was SOO fun!)
6. A Notebook (Going back to my old ways)
7. Barnes and Noble Giftcard (Keep the price low, or I'll never emerge from my books.  Hee Hee)
8. I-Pod (Lucy, do NOT say I won't get one!)
9. Geography Set (Please, I would prefer countries, because I know all my states.)
10. A marker set (to add to my collection)
11. Books (You can never say no to them.)
12. A doll (Cholita, stay back!  You have Rosalie!)
13. Nail polish (Lucy can tell you the colors I like, she knows.)
14. Nice chapstick (You know how my lips get)
15. Bruder's I-Pod (free present, right?)
16. Architeque (sorry, I'm bad at spelling!) set (see me for details)
17. A car (just kidding!)
18. A boxed book series (One I haven't read, please)
19. Mini American Girl Doll (The big ones are too expensive)
20. A happy family.

Dear Mom, Dad, Bruder, Lucy, Cholita, and XiXi,

I know this year people are short on money.  This list was only to give you a wide range of choices.  You know what I like, so don't worry about getting "pacific" (ha ha).  I've never been disappointed.   You guys are very creative.  If we don't have as much money, we can still have a good, happy Christmas.  I just wanted to give you an idea or two (or twenty) so you can feel a bit of direction with your shopping.  But really, I don't care.  You can get me a moldy sock (note the sarcasm.  Bruder, this means you.)  Just don't tell me what you got me (Cholita, this means you),  or say I'll never get it (Lucy), or open another person's gifts (XiXi).

Merry Christmas, Rose

Editor's Note: We are not destitute.  I think possibly we went overboard on the "let's not spend too much on Christmas this year" bit.


Michael and Denise said...

You and Rose make me chuckle. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Kelly said...

Oops I did it again too

Jen Bay said...

I love it!

Betsey said...

Oh. My. Goodness! This made me laugh. What a charming, clever, witty girl. Certainly sounds like she knows and loves herself and her family. Simply wonderful.

~T~ said...

That list looks easier to work with than either my older boys' "Uh, I don't know," or my youngest's phonetically spelled list of fictitious objects.