Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Decade

I can hardly believe our Rose is into the double digits.  On Friday night, birthday eve, Lyle took all the kids camping. Rose wasn't sure she wanted to go.  She was worried she wouldn't get her traditional birthday breakfast in bed.  Lyle instead promised her "breakfast in bag", and they were off.  Bruder even hauled the dutch oven up the mountain so that they could make an especially wonderful breakfast of german pancakes.  She's spoiled.

Every year on Rose's birthday, the rose outside our front door is in full bloom, perfect for a birthday photo. This year it wasn't quite up to snuff.  We did our best though and put Rose beside one of the two blooms.

This photo from two years ago shows where our rose is usually at by June 11th.

No matter.  She had a great birthday, full of good food, great presents, and lots of love.

I tried to find a baby photo of Rose on the computer, but digital photography didn't happen in our family until Rose was a toddler.  Here she is serenading Olaf.....

.....who's also grown just a tad.
We love our birthday girl.
Olaf's O.K. too.

P.S. Last night for Family Home Evening, our lesson was "Rose is Awesome!"  Everyone wrote something they love about her and she had to guess who said what:

XiXi: "Rose cello"

Cholita: "I love it when Rose plays with me."

Lucy: "Rose is so funny and sweet.  I love her spirited personality and her innocent way of talking and acting.  She is a great and spunky girl."

Bruder: "Rose is many things.  Some call her cute, some call her feisty, and an even larger majority classify her as extremely intelligent.  Yes, Rose is a lot of things, but if there is one thing she isn't, it's a stereotype.  Rose is the very definition of the word unique, which is always something the world could use."

Mom: "I love when Rose goes outside and throws her face up to the sky and drinks in the rain or the wind or the sun.  She lives life to the fullest."

Dad: "I like hiking and running with Rose.  Today we decided to run a marathon together one day.  She was a great hiking companion on our last trip."


Vicky said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Rose!

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Happy Birthday Rose!

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