Tuesday, April 26, 2011


XiXi and Cholita were standing on the window sill in our hotel, looking down at the traffic. XiXi enthusiastically responded to each and every passing car--until he noticed the purple sunglasses Cholita was holding--a source of contention throughout the China trip. Looking at the video, I think Cholita wanted him to notice she had the sunglasses. That little stinker.

I'm so glad the Wooo-Ahhh noise was captured. He doesn't do it anymore. Sad.


It's a Wonderful Life said...

You have a very adorable little boy! Thanks for sharing your journey. It gives me comfort that all will be well when we go get our little ones hopefully in September.

P.S. My niece went to Prom with your son!


Kelly said...

nice sound! Now I want to know about prom : )