Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Very Different Ferry Boat Rides

One year ago, when I snapped this photo of Cholita and her dad, my emotions were so close to the surface. We were on our way to Seattle for Cholita's first PEG interferon shot. The odds of success were so low and we knew she'd feel sick. She was in such a great mood that morning, so trusting and happy, that I almost called the whole thing off right then and there.

Cholita asked if she could use my camera and not surprisingly, she zoomed down on her feisty red shoes, making us laugh. If anyone could beat the odds, this was the girl to do it.

Today, almost exactly a year later, we were once again on the ferry boat. Once again we were going to see her doctor. And like a year ago, my emotions were close to the surface; this time for a very different reason. She'd finished her treatment, with courage and bravery, and just last week we'd learned the final result. It worked. She beat the odds.

When the doctor walked into the room today, she threw her clipboard down on the exam table and DANCED! I asked her if she was surprised and she said that 'surprised' didn't even begin to describe her feelings when she saw Cholita's labs. "Completely stunned."

As we were leaving, she said, "You have a truly amazing little girl."

We've always known it.


Terynn said...

I want to DANCE, too!

Heck, I may go out and buy my very first pair of red shoes EVER and dance in Cholita's honor! God is amazing, eh? :D

Kristi said...

That is awesome!!!

I just found this blog....thought you might like to try it. I think I may start doing mine this way instead....

I changed the html of my blog layout which lets me do really big pictures. I can send you the link if you want to do that too...

Kelly said...

Tears of joy when reading this a second time! Such good news.

CSIowa said...


Amy said...

Oh Eileen...tears of PURE JOY and THANKSGIVING!

All Glory to God! He has smiled down on an amazingly brave and strong little girl and the parents He Alone chose for her!

I am so happy for your family! (((HUG)))


The Thomas Crew said...

I usually don't post just lurk but I my, GOD is GOOD!!!! Our little travelmate has blossomed into a beautiful, smart and strong little lady. We miss you guys and wish you were going back with us to China.

Lisa said...




Julie said...

I get a little lump in my throat every time I read about this special little girl and her miracle!! I think your family should have an annual "red shoe day" in her honor!! Don't you think Lyle would be cute in RED shoes!!

Anonymous said...

I get teary eyed every time that I think about this! Not only in Cholita amazing, but so are the rest of her family. Especially mom and dad!

Dianne said...

I'm so glad you shared your wonderful news with me. It gives me chills and truly is a miracle, being something that normally isn't curable. Weekly injections, that had to be tough on your poor girl, and you. I am delighted to hear the results and reminded at how blessed we are. Another example of how a special child given nurture, love, a family & home will thrive. I'll never forget the day I heard the great news, I cried with joy right there in the Dr.'s office. Thanks for sharing your awesome news. God is good!