Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Cobbler's Child

Two years!
Two years since this little hiney has graced a dental chair.

And two years since her lovely face has been in a panorex.

Her parents (especially the one with the DDS following his name)
should know this is not the recommended schedule.
It's shameful; it just is.
But at least Rose and I like our dentist.

We like him so much we even tell him he looks cool in his glasses.

And this one....
Well, we like her too.
We like her despite her cross bite.
We like her despite her missing permanent lower left second bicuspid.
And we like her despite her tendency to put shoes on the wrong feet.
At least she has shoes,
which is more than you can say for the cobbler's kid.


Lori Lynn said...

Our child's dentist is so busy that if we have to reschedule an appointment, it's at least another 3 month wait! My 5 year old still puts her shoes on the wrong feet.

Cute post! How nice that your dentist allowed you to take pictures of the visit! Does he know he is being blogged?

Eileen said...

That's Lyle! Yes, he knows. I just called him to ask him exactly which tooth Rose is missing. I never would have pulled lower left second bicuspid out of a hat!

Kelly said...

Ha ha! That is a strange tooth to be missing. Usually it's wisdom teeth and laterals.

Good luck with the Orthodontics!

Jen Bay said...

I miss my favorite dentist... no one I've seen since can hold a candle to him... can you imagine what I'll have to work with here in Italy?