Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're Outta' Here!

I dropped Lyle and Bruder off Monday morning at a muddy, rainy trail head in the Olympic Mountains for their 50 mile, 5 day hike. Lyle's pack weighed 60 pounds. All I could think was, "Enjoy. Better them than me."

When I got home, Lucy, Rose, Cholita and I did our customary "Girl's Night" song and dance. It's odd that we celebrate to such an extent when the guys leave, considering how much we love them and all, but that's the way of it. And this time we weren't just celebrating Girl's Night, but Girl's Week, so we're doing it up big. Tomorrow morning we leave for our very first Girl's Only vacation.....Victoria, BC!

It was 5 PM on Tuesday when I announced the spur-of-the-moment travel plan and Cholita has been packed since Tuesday, oh, about 5:05. The girl is ready to go.

This morning she excitedly reviewed the plan....."We drive and drive .....and then we park our car and get in a boat...... and then we get off the boat into Canada......and then we take off all our clothes......." Whoa! We were following her until that last part.
We laughed, which greatly offended Cholita. She pouted and sulked and stared at the wall. Finally she managed, "You guys didn't even let me finish what I was saying!" True enough. So she finished: "We get to Canada and take off all our clothes, and then get into our bathing suits to go swimming in the hotel pool!" Ahh, that sounds a little better.

But actually when we get there, instead of taking off our clothes, we're going to Buchart Gardens, a place that doesn't allow naked visitors.
So, I hope Lyle and Bruder are enjoying their trail mix and their smelly sleeping bags. When I snuggle into a fluffy bed tomorrow night at the Queen Victoria Hotel, I'll think of them.

A little.


Jen Bay said...

How fun!!! Those pictures are stunning. Enjoy your girly trip.

CSIowa said...

Check on the begonia's for me! One summer when I was about 11 we went on a family caravan to British Columbia with my grandparents and one family of cousins. My uncle brought an RV and CB radios. One of the few things I remember about that trip was the beautiful begonias at Buchart Gardens. Actually, what I remember is my older sister and cousin making fun of our mothers' awe of the beautiful begonias. If we had stayed at the Queen Victoria, I'm sure I would remember that!

Michael and Denise said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Lori Lynn said...

I've always wanted to go the Buchart Gardens. It's definitely on my "must do" list. Your pictures are beautiful.

Chelsea said...

Sounds like fun!