Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pink porches, projects, and a birthday

Two weeks of all-quiet on the blogging front. It wasn't for lack of material, just no time to plug my camera into the computer. I refinished the porches and Cholita got one look at the pink primer and was so pleased. She sighed a happy, contented sigh and proclaimed it gorgeous.

When she saw the brown paint that went over the primer, she couldn't hide her disappointment. "Oh, Mom. Yuck."

We laid a drip line around the plants in our mound. And covered it all with mulch. The plants can get the water they need for the first couple of years and then they're on their own. My goal is to eventually do as little garden upkeep as is humanly possible, while still growing things a little more lush than cactus and gravel.

Construction on the courtyard has begun! With the help of a sod cutter, another area of grass is gone.

The current dustbowl will soon be a faux flagstone (shaped concrete) courtyard with creeping thyme growing between the "stones". Lyle made the 10 foot circular form to mark out where a water feature will go. It might be something like this self-circulating bubbling urn or it might be a small pond; we're not sure, but it will be something wet.

Lyle is totally revamping the hot tub structure and will build an arbor off the back to shade an eating area. Behind the eating area will be a fire pit and built-in grill and...the piece d'resistance....

The pizza oven. Lyle has informed me that it can cook a whole pizza in FOUR minutes. Granted, I don't know how many hours it will take to get the oven up to the scorching temperatures needed to accomplish such a feat, but Lyle is extremely excited. I suppose when a husband begs for an oven, even a seven foot tall oven, you should grant him his wish.

Our lovely Rose turned 8, and true to form, the climbing rose was in full flower for her special day.

We went to Red Robin where Rose was pestered by the mascot

And sung to by the waiters
And made to feel very special.

Much to Cholita's dismay, only the birthday girl was given dessert. Cholita's begging began politely enough, but it took very little time for her to be literally down on her knees loudly pleading for a bite.

Lyle was very involved and oh-so-helpful as the battle over the sundae escalated. I felt like Elasta-Girl yelling to her husband Mr. Incredible, "Engage! Engage!"

He may fall asleep at dinner, but man, does he get stuff done. I'll keep him.
Oh, and the sunsets have been amazing.
Still to come: The Von Trapps in our attic, Rose is Electric, and Bruder goes to Japan....


Kelly said...

Loved the update! I am so impressed as always. When can I come over for pizza?

Nana said...

I loved the update too. Your daughter is a doll. I love the Pizza Oven!! Everything looks great.

I haven't been blogging much lately either, must be the time of year.

Terynn said...

I always love to see the updates on your family's happenings. Lyle is a Wonder. A WONDER, I tell ya. Cholita is so transparently opinionated it cracks me up...alot.

And Rose is lovely beyond compare. When God made little girls and boys with no teeth, around age 8ish, He surely knew we would be smitten.

Jen Bay said...

Now I REALLY wish that our cruise was going north instead of south... I would love to see you guys! I can't wait to see the next update.