Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Great Morning

Our morning started early. Very, very early. Adam is now a high schooler and along with high school comes early morning seminary. Lyle, Adam, and I were up at 5:45. I made breakfast and put place cards on the table for each of our school kids.

Lyle and Adam left for seminary at 6:25 and I went running. Really, truly, I did! I have a goal to exercise every morning now since I need to be up early with Adam and the girls can sleep until 7:30. Despite my groggy legs, I went around our 2 mile loop. I ran the first mile and walked the second. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed being out as the sun was still coming up. I'll admit though that I was a little nervous every time I heard a branch crack in the woods since a cougar was recently spotted just a few feet from our house. I did have about 160 pounds worth of canine with me, so I figured the cougar would eat the dogs first, right? If I do see a cougar, maybe I can count myself among the great African distance runners......"One morning I was running and came face to face with a lion......"

Here is our freshman. I'm so proud of Adam. He's excited about seminary and has some great goals for his first year of high school. He's been running with the cross country team this summer and is getting so strong. He's also made some great friends and told me yesterday after I picked him up, "You know Mom, there are just really good people in cross country." I've prayed several times today that he's having a good day. Lyle and I were looking at our high school yearbooks last night and remembering that it's a fun time of life, but it's also pretty tough.

I had second breakfast (Hobbit style) with the girls and then we dropped off Maya at preschool. I thought she might get teary-eyed or even fall apart, but she was all smiles as she confidently took her teacher's hand in the drop-off area and skipped into school. She didn't even look back.
Then it was off to the big girls' school. Both said that they felt a little nervous, but I know they'll do great. It was a perfect morning. Now I need a nap!

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