Friday, January 26, 2007

A Beautiful Day

We've had a horrible winter--floods, winds, power outages, lots of snow...but even with all that, we've managed a few beautiful days of glorious weather. Maya loves to be outside exploring.

Her absolute favorite activity is gathering rocks. We live on a gravel road and she has a pretty decent supply. Thankfully she doesn't try to eat the rocks or throw the rocks. The whole fun of the activity is selecting the rock and bringing it to Mom.

This could go on for hours. Each time she says, "rock" and usually "ank ooo" when she hands me the rock. The funniest thing the other day was when we showed her the wonder of pockets! She rubbed her poor little hand raw putting rocks into and taking them out of her tight little jeans pocket. She was so proud of herself. Each time she'd put the rock in, she'd pat her pocket and say, "rock, pocket!"

Olaf dearly loves this girl. And really, why shouldn't he? He's probably gained 10 pounds since she's joined our family

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