Monday, November 27, 2006


We woke up Sunday morning to a white world! We don't get big snowfalls often here in Western Washington, so when we do, it's a big deal. Church was cancelled, ( I know, you Utah and Idaho folks are rolling your eyes!) and we enjoyed the snow day!

This was the first snow for our Guiping girl and she was appropriately bundled! This kids were so excited to see her on a sled, but she was pretty ho-hum about it. Her favorite thing was eating snow.

It snowed hard all day Sunday and we got about 6 inches. When we went to bed that night, we checked the school websites and they said school would start 2 hours late. The kids weren't happy with that and Adam got up a few times during the night to see if the snow had started up again.

We got big cheers this morning when we learned that school had indeed been cancelled! Now they're keeping their fingers crossed that tomorrow will be cancelled as well. It might be. It just started snowing again about an hour ago!

Winter is definitely a Berner's favorite season! Olaf finally feels like he's appropriately dressed for the weather! Both dogs have had a blast. Charlie, our dedicated fetcher, has to work harder to find his ball when it sinks into the snow, but he's up to the challenge!

I put up some of our candles in the windows. I'm not a big Christmas decorator, but I think the candles look homey. I'm not sure what we'll do about a tree this year. Maya would pull it over in mere minutes.

We had Cari and Tony and their kids over for Thanksgiving. As usual, the food was great--Lyle's famous turkey, all the fixings, and 5 kinds of pie! I think I overindulged because I wasn't feeling great that night!

Both babies are walking now and were so fun to watch! The funniest thing happened right after I took this picture. Blake walked over to Maya, grabbed her around the tummy, and put his mouth on her bare back. I was sure he was about to bite her, but I couldn't get there in time. Then, I heard an amazingly loud raspberry blow and Blake laughed and laughed.

Right before Thanksgiving Adam had a big science project due. He had to construct a submarine that would sink and resubmerge, write a report, and prepare an oral presentation. I was thankful that Lyle took on the role of helper for this one! Adam's design used the case of a large animal syringe, a big nail for a balast, surgical tubing, a ballon, and a bike pump. During the testing of his first model, he excitedly put his sub in the sink, began to pump, the sub started to rise, and we all heard, POP! He didn't take it well.

So, another ballon was installed and a smaller pump employed. His test runs went well, but in case of another pop on testing day, Lyle told him just to "pump for all you're worth and hope for the best!" Thankfully, his sub, "The Buoyant Annoyant" performed well and earned him an "A"! He even got an extra credit point for his original name!

The week before Thanksgiving, we had several beautiful sunsets. Adam captured this one on film. We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!

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