Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Look what Maya can do!

Surfer pose to help her stand up...

....and she's off to the races! She KNOWS she's doing something cool!

It's pretty funny to see her walking!

It was last Sunday, at 13 1/2 months of age, when Maya decided it was time to walk! She technically could do it before, but her heart just wasn't in it. Now, she's almost running and trying to climb! Watch out! Still, though, her favorite mode of transportation is being carried by Dad and at a distant second, Mom.

We had such a sweet moment with Maya at our last Family Home Evening. We did our traditional "This is the Night We've Waited For" dance (we won't go into detail so as not to completely embarrass our tweener kids), and Maya just looked SO excited and smiled so sweetly at everyone in the circle. It was just a little moment, but it was so special. We felt so strongly how much she needed and wanted a family.

And what a blessing that we get to be that family!

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