Sunday, September 3, 2006

Foster Care Pictures

I am so grateful that Maya's foster parents took pictures of her while she was there. I really wish I had a photo of them! I think they really loved her. Here, she's wearing a large shell around her neck. I can't imagine that stayed on very long!

What a blessing that she was able to develop her muscles while she was there.

Our guide said that because homes don't have any air conditioning, the people usually sleep on bamboo mats because it's cooler.

Her foster family reported that she liked to watch T.V., but I can't get her to sit for more than a couple of minutes to watch a video. Maybe I need the T.V. down at her level!

It looks like her foster family had a little courtyard.

Practicing her walking in the foster home.

Testing the greenery

This is the kids' favorite photo. I wonder if her foster brother pedaled her around on this bike.

In this photo, it looks like there are pictures of other babies under the glass on the desk. I heard that her family had fostered 5 other babies before Qiu Ju, and I'm betting those are the kids in the pictures. I don't have an address for the foster family, but I can send updated pictures of Qiu Ju to the orphanage, and they'll get them to the foster family.

My favorite foster care picture. You don't see any smiles in the orphanage pictures, although I know she was loved there as well.

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