Saturday, February 25, 2006

Way too busy Saturday

I don't know why over-scheduled Saturdays are always the ones when Lyle is working! On this particular Saturday we had: archery tournament, choir practice, 2 basketball games, a birthday party, and a Tae Kwon Do belt ceremony. The morning started when Adam realized he'd lost his archery finger tabs--a necessary item, so, first stop, Sportsman's Warehouse. Darn! It's closed!

We dropped Adam off at the Fairgrounds for his tournament, and Madeline at the Stake Center where she had a practice for a children's choir. After dropping her off, Abby and I drove back to Sportsman's Warehouse and purchased the all-important finger tab.

We dropped off Adam's finger tab, stayed just long enough to see him get 2 bulls eyes--great job, Adam, and then we drove back to the stake center. The choir rehearsal was taking longer than expected, so a friend offered to take Madeline to her house when they were finished.

Next, I ran Abby over to the military base for a birthday party. Thankfully, they offered to bring Abby home at the end of the party.

I drove back to the fairgrounds where the archery tournament had finished up, picked up Madeline at my friend's house, Adam changed clothes in the car, and we drove up to Poulsbo for Adam's basketball game. At half-time, I walked Madeline out to the front of the school where her coach picked her up for her basketball game in Kingston. Adam's team was victorious!

Madeline's team was not so victorious! They took quite a stomping, but Madeline is all smiles because she scored 2 impressive baskets. After the game we ran home for a quick late lunch. Thankfully Lyle had arrived home from work and Abby was back from her party. Lyle was kind enough to offer to take the big kids to their next activity--the belt ceremony.

Adam and Madeline were both moving from yellow belt to orange belt. Adam was so excited about breaking a board that Lyle said he started kicking before the board-holders were even set, causing a bit of a panic. Apparently it all worked out.

Here Adam and Madeline are looking very formal and respectful before getting their orange belts. It was the end of a WAY too busy Saturday!

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