Saturday, December 10, 2005


Lyle drove down to Oregon yesterday and purchased a new toy for Charlie and Olaf. Olaf's breed is known for their carting abilities, so we primarily got it for him. When we hooked him up he did quite well, but he still has a little too much puppy energy to be a calm cart dog.

Charlie, on the other hand, thinks it's absolutely wonderful. This photo is of his first unassisted pull. Madeline was a little worried he'd head off into the woods with her along for the ride--hence the helmet. You use mushing terms "gee" for right and "haw" for left and "whoa" for stop.

Charlie came back and sat perfectly for Madeline to get out. The cart is suprisingly easy to pull. It's meant for an adult person to ride in, so when it's just one of the kids, we have to put a weight in the back so it can be balanced. Our neighbors all want to give it a try. When Olaf gets more mature we can hook up both dogs. Lyle wants to be able to go jogging with the dogs and give Abby a ride at the same time.

Dave requested "a really nice picture of Olaf" to be added to the website. Lyle said, "like a glamour shot?" Anyway, we haven't had his picture professionally done, but hopefully this is o.k.

Olaf wan't too into the photo session. He sat nicely for me but he looked pretty bored with the whole thing.

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